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If You Belong To Jesus Christ Stand For The Truth And Go On Standing Till

Some fresh and courageous voices have just been raised more than the previous weeks encouraging disciples of Jesus Christ to arise and stand and show overtly that they are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Jesus did say that if any man was ashamed of me then I would be ashamed of him as I stood ahead of God the Father. I surely do not want Jesus Christ to be ashamed of me or develop into ashamed of me, as a outcome of what I could or could not say.

Take these two nations of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and reflect upon how the Word of God has shaped and blessed in so numerous places.

Take into account what has emerged, in a good way, from Downing Street in London, and The White Residence in Washington D.C.

Pondering specifically of England and Scotland, which was identified as 'the land of the Book' which meant the land of the Bible, our laws and our democracy, and our well being solutions all had their roots in Scripture, for the reason that concerned men and women cared.

Education principles had been primarily based upon the Bible and when I was in Main College we discovered tremendous passages from the Word of God which gave us a grounding and a foundation. We may perhaps not have understood what we had been repeating, but God saw that there was a men and women who had been feeding upon His Holy Word, and in His grace he blessed. I know that this was the knowledge in my personal life.

Right now, so considerably of this I below attack, and from men and women who do not comprehend what mysteriously and sacramentally was taking place as guys and females and boys and girls looked to Almighty God and depended upon Almighty God, devoid of realising what they had been carrying out but He in His mercy saw and rewarded what he saw.

This is not pie in the sky nor is it wishful pondering. This is spiritual truth and spiritual reality.

It is becoming recommended that numerous are in the enterprise of 'air brushing' the Christian Faith from its central position in our societies.

Teachers and nurses are becoming suspended for saying a prayer with men and women in will need of prayer, or told they have to eliminate the Cross they are wearing. How dare such guys take such appalling action!

We have had exceptional Roman Catholic adoption agencies closed down for the reason that of their Christian attitude when it comes to the fundamentals of adoption. A youngster should really have a father and mother wherever achievable.

Christian marriage registrars are dismissed for the reason that they really feel they can't preside more than civil partnership ceremonies and do so in very good conscience and with a clear conscience.

In the starting, God decreed that there be husband and wife, and when we move away from the biblical fundamentals we get into genuine problems.

This is why we have to stand for truth and Christ and the Scriptures as we have them in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

I have witnessed and noticed as well considerably of the reality of the living God, to start off to compromise and water down and dilute my faith in Christ now.

I pray for strength to stand, and to stand for Christ and His Holy Word.

Are you ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ or will you stand as well in these difficult and complicated and unsafe days?

If you belong to Christ Jesus and if you are born once more, then stand and stand till it is all more than down right here.

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